Structure and layers command & control center

The software is divided in several modules on different functional levels, each of which takes on comparable classes of tasks

General services that are used in every platform application:

  • User administration
  • Rights management
  • Order management
  • Authentication

This software also includes a digital map with vector and satellite data and a database for GNSS correction data.

Modules with specific functions that can be used in different places are:

Management of different types of drones, allowed and prohibited flight zones as well as different sensors (video camera, thermal imaging camera, etc.).

In addition, a module that handles the approval of missions and creates or manages the required documents (drone license, etc.).

Services that represent the direct framework of the application: the definition and modelling, execution and management of flight missions as well as the control center.

In addition, there is the management of the mission results (videos, images, measurements, etc.) and an emergency / failsafe management that intervenes, for example, if communication is interrupted or external circumstances require the mission to be canceled or changed.

  • Resilience
  • The application server persists the status of the connection to the drone in the database. This ensures that the system status can be restored after an interruption of communication.
  • Resilience
  • The system design provides that all components, such as the PostgreSQL database or the application server, can be operated in parallel in several instances.
  • Resilience
  • As the demand for resources increases, these instances are distributed over several computers, each of which is organized in clusters and addressed using load balancers.

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