European project for border protection



Overall, the European Union has an external border of 13,271 km. Effective control of these is a huge task and cannot be achieved with ground units alone. While there are guarded border crossings, there are countless kilometers of green borders and stretches of coast that are difficult to protect.


ROBORDER aims at developing and demonstrating a fully-functional autonomous border surveillance system with unmanned mobile robots including aerial, water surface, underwater and ground vehicles which will incorporate multimodal sensors as part of an interoperable network. Our intention is to implement a heterogenous robot system and enhance it with detection capabilities for early identification of criminal activities at border and coastal areas along with marine pollution events.


Next to numerous companies and research institutions, operational units of national police and border protection authorities are also involved in the project. These include, for example, the Romanian Border Guard Police (RBP), the Portuguese Criminal Police (PJ), the Port Authority of Livorno (APL), the National Police of Hungary (HNP) and the Police of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

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