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Safety and prevention of hazards

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The use of multicopters, UAVs and drones for capturing videographic and photographic aerial images is becoming increasingly widespread. Simple as well as professional aircraft can film or take pictures of buildings, persons, and areas regardless of the pilot's location. The aircraft that are currently available on the market offer astonishing features for a low price.

The fact that this technology is available and deployable with next to no legal or financial barriers entails opportunities as well as risks for companies.

Industrial and commercial operations can use well-equipped, safe multicopters in a highly efficient manner as an additional method for the surveillance of sensitive areas.

For a wide variety of cases, the multicopters provide aerial images and a real-time overview of the situation at hand. It is no longer necessary to send personnel to checkpoints in the event of suspicious activities. Sending a camera-equipped multicopter to an exposed position ensures an immediate overview of the situation. The operations centre or person in charge can immediately identify false alarms or dispatch the right number of persons to the right spot.

However, multicopters also present a certain risk to companies. Due to their easy and efficient use, they can easily reach and take pictures of sensitive sectors, buildings and areas. Efficient defence against, or prevention of, trespassing multicopters is a rather complex task if at all possible.

In both cases, we can advise and support you efficiently thanks to our experience and technical expertise. We can


• inform you about the technical capabilities of multicopters,


• point out potential areas of application in view of your safety and the prevention of hazards and risks,


• offer test flights for simulating "attacks" or "reconnaissance missions",


• educate your employees in terms of the use and defence against aircraft systems,


• assist you in the realisation of a pilot project and


• provide you with the required technology in line with your specific needs.

We have already successfully completed several projects in these fields and can share our insights with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to be of help.



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