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Arbeiten Sie effizient durch den Einsatz von Drohnen

Transformer UAV

Heute brauchen Sie einen
Quadrocopter für lange Flugzeiten

Aber morgen einen Hexacopter für
stabile Fluglage und mehr Sicherheit

Mit der Transformer UAV rüsten Sie Ihre Drohne in 5 Minuten um

Übersicht behalten

auch bei komplexen Einsatzlagen

Sicherheit und Rettung

wenn es auf Zeit und Sicherheit ankommt

Große Aufgaben einfach machen

Solarpanelkontrolle mit Normal- und Wärmebildkameras

Ihre Events

aus anderer Perspektive betrachtet

Full service for unmanned aircraft systems

We will find the perfect solution for you

UAS, UAV, drones or flying robots are increasingly employed for useful, beneficial and value-adding tasks.
To ensure that the systems are always perfectly adapted to the task at hand, you need a competent and experienced professional partner at your side.

We are here to assist you throughout the entire project cycle.

We offer everything that is needed in the various phases of a successful UAS project, from in-depth consulting, project support and project management, all types of flight operations, the design and construction of customised aircraft systems, service and maintenance up to the training of your operators. Assessments and evaluations are also part of our service portfolio.

As a recognised institution of the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt, the German Federal Aviation Authority) as per §21d LuftVO (Luftverkehrsordnung, German air traffic regulations), we are authorised to offer training and online courses including the corresponding exams for obtaining a certificate of knowledge and competence.

Numerous international clients from a wide range of industries have already placed their trust in us. What can we do for you?

Consulting and project management

We are the experts that you need for analysing different scenarios of use. In addition, we are also a valuable adviser when it comes to providing an assessment of the various technologies.

Development and design

We develop UAVs that perfectly match your wishes and requirements together in close cooperation with you. Then, we precisely build your customised multicopter.


We educate and train your employees in line with the relevant legal requirements and their future tasks either at one of our training centres or on your premises. As a recognised institution of the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt, the German Federal Aviation Authority) as per §21d LuftVO (Luftverkehrsordnung, German air traffic regulations), we are authorised to take the corresponding exams for obtaining a certificate of knowledge and competence.


No matter whether you want to survey your roofs, façades, pipes, chimneys or similar, we can provide you with the necessary high-resolution images.

We are your perfect partner!

Because we deliver and provide exactly what you need

Our portfolio includes everything that is important for you. From consulting up to maintenance services.


Technologies, options, legal framework, opportunities/risks, project management.

All types of aerial surveys

Inspection, safety, documentation. We go right where you need us.

Design of customised, professional aircraft systems

Regardless of whether you need a multicopter, fixed-wing or hybrid/VTOL aircraft – we develop the perfect solution based on your specific, individual requirements.

Training, education and coaching

For all industries, tasks and activities and, of course, in accordance with the latest legal requirements. We are recognised by the LBA (Luftfahrtbundesamt, German Federal Aviation Authority) – DE-AST.001C.

Service and maintenance

We offer manufacturer-independent service and maintenance.


We are there for you when it comes to evaluations as well as general or special assessments (damage, incidents).

Drohne Schulung

Our product portfolio

Modular, robust, lightweight, flexible and efficient while requiring only little maintenance and offering loads of fun

Modular systems

UgCS - mission planning and control

Tethered drone

RECON - delta-wing aircraft



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About Copting

Consulting, manufacturing, flying, training, research and development. COPTING explores the world of unmanned aerial vehicles for and together with you. Our knowledge and expertise make us the perfect partner for you.

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