Drone hangar - decentralized deployment of your UAV

Weatherproof, air-conditioned - 365 days 24/7 operational

More and more drone applications make it necessary to deploy one or more drones remotely. On expansive grounds, on building roofs, for temporary deployment in sensitive areas - our drone hangar fits nearly everywhere.

You want to station a drone on a large area and have it patrolling regularly or starting based on alarms ? Our hangar is your first choice for your project.

With a diameter of about 2 meters (standard version), besides a professional flying system, all essential components such as air conditioning and dehumidification fit into the interior. With a weight of about 450 kg and its very robust construction of fiberglass composites, insulation materials and stainless steel, it resists all weather and is very durable.

In order to be able to carry out the drone missions, all necessary interfaces are available.

Use our hangar in combination with our TransformerUAV and our tethering system, you will have a perfect mobile mast. Controlling the hangar as well as the drone and the mounted sensors is done e.g. via a secure network connection, with our professional control software. Of course, if required, it can be connected to your control center.

Of course, deploying our TransformerUAV as a free-flying UAS is of course possible. Therefore, we offer suitable communication and control solutions too.

With us, you receive all the relevant components for decentralized deployment scenarios: hangar, drone, tethering, control software, project management

Example area protection, free flying:

Installation of several hangars depending on the terrain size. In the event of perimeter breach (existing alarm system), the nearest drone automatically starts from the hangar and automatically flies to the alarm zone on predefined routes. The command center staff can analyze the situation based on the live streams and can initiate appropriate measures. It is also possible to control the drone from the command center. With our live image analysis on board the drone, it is also possible to automatically track and follow the intruders.

Example protection tehtered drone:

Stationing of a tethered drone [link on T-UAV side] incl. Hangar on a hall roof. The UAV starts at predefined times and performs areal surveillance. The tether incl. network connection allows a permanent deployment with live image transmission, no limitation by battery restrictions. The UAV can also start based on alarming, e.g. a burglar alarm at a building triggers. Through our interface to your security center, we receive the ID of the alarm, transmit the correct target position to the flight controller and carry out the flight and the command center gets a situation overview in a very short time.


Additional use cases

There are many more use cases for our Hagar. Let us talk about more scenarios.